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There was a time when creatures from the World of Akakor had access to our reality; some to preserve and protect nature, others to attack and terrorize their victims. Under the command of the Saci, evil creatures attempted to take over the Earth, because they believed that the human race was not worthy of such a gift. However, they would need to defeat Kambaí and corrupt legendaries creatures responsible for the old preservation laws of balance between the two forms of existence.

After all, weakened by the loss of the link with one of its forms, the Saci was defeated and sent back to the World of Legends. Approximately 300 years after his banishment, now king of Akakor, he seeks to find a new way to invade Earth to punish the humans and to take over the power. To prevent this from happening, Kambaí, a legendary indian warrior, is transported to Akakor, the World of Legends, in order to rescue that kingdom from the malignant Saci . But, for this to happen, he will face monstrous creatures who will try to stop him from fulfilling his goal.



In Guerreiros Folclóricos you are Kambaí, a legendary indian warrior, protector of the forest and animals, which were transported from Earth to the World of Legends by the God Tupã to rescue that kingdom from the malignant Saci and his horde of Corpo Seco zombies. On his journey, Kambaí will discover that he has some supernatural powers and will learn about his origin in this world. Besides making allies with different skills like the Werewolf Guara, Caipora, Iara, Matinta Perera and others, Kambaí will have to face Mapinguari, Boitatá and other dangerous enemies.

Inspired by games like God of War, Monster Hunter and Dark Souls, Guerreiros Folclóricos will follow the hack and slash genre with some RPG systems.


Kambaí, main character of Guerreiros Folclóricos, is a legendary warrior and protector of the forest and animals, which were transported from Earth to the World of Legends by the God Tupã in order to rescue that kingdom from the malignant Saci and his horde of Corpo Seco zombies. For that to happen, Kambaí will have to face monstrous creatures that will try to stop him at all costs from accomplishing his goal. Besides making allies with different skills such as: the Werewolf Guara, Caipora, Iara and Matinta Perera, Kambaí has an important mystical necklace called Baêta, the source of his powers and perhaps his immortality…

Nauru is the werewolf in Guerreiros Folclóricos. In our version, it has characteristics of a Lobo Guará and is part of a tribe of men-wolfs that turn in to werewolf even if there is no full moon. Kambaí’s ally, Nauru helps the legendary warrior to complete his goal of freeing the World of Legends from the evil Saci.

Saci is the guardian of the healing and poison that the forest hides, his mind is a sanctuary and it is full of formulas and charms, while his heart is overwhelmed by hatred and revenge. The Saci is a mystical creature who wants to invade the Earth and create a war against humans kind for having him expelled and sent back to the World of Legends years ago. His plan is to bring legendary creatures like Corpo Seco and Mapinguari to our world and create chaos. He knows where to find his enemies and will do anything to destroy them and rule the planet!

Curupira, also known as Demônio da Floresta, is a strong and agile dwarf with fire as its hair. Its main feature are his feet facing backwards, which are able wich are able to confuse his opponents, making them get lost in the woods. Caipora's adversary, the Curupira can control some wildlife animals, making them obey his commands, helping him to kill his victims. This caracter helps the Saci in his quest for revenge.

Alamoa, also known as the Dama Branca is the appearance of a beautiful tall woman, with long blond hair that aims to charm men, making them fall in love with her. She takes advantage of her attractive physical form to seduce and lead men to her home, on top of a rocky mountain, where she turns into a hideous creature and pulls out the heart of her victim. Once inside her cave, a gap closes and the victim is never seen again. Allied with the Saci, Alamoa controls the army of zombies Corpo Seco and helps the Earth invasion plan.

Matinta is an entity of the night. Her presence is announced by a shrill whistle which seems to come from all directions with great intensity. She has the looks of an old woman, wears a long black gown, has long hair and wear a cap over her head. Her deep and sad eyes are the only thing you can see. It is associated with a “rasga-mortalha" that in the darkest moonless nights, brings bad news of a mystical world.

The Boto is a transmorphic creature able to take the form of man and go undetected among humans. It is master of manipulation and disguise, able to seduce and manipulate women to accomplish his goals, without himself having to do it. The great advantage of the Boto's transformation is that he changes according to the desire of the woman in question, it appears in the form of the perfect man for each woman. The Boto will be Saci's ally in the Earth invasion. The only way to find out his true identity is by revealing the hole in his head

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