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We make your projects come true.

Here  is where the idea starts to come to life, one of the main steps to createing a project is the development of the Conceptual idea. Knowing this importance, the team of Unique uses  the best  technology avaliable and also the creativity to develop the whole visual concept of the project in a way that comes To impress the public.

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Each day the public seeks for projects that are richer in details graphics  and for  that  we need to have similar characteristics as if it was the real life, having this knowledge we aim to develop high quality resources by going through several stpes, starting with the references, going through  concepts until the final rendering.

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The two-dimensional arts will never lose their traditions, and with the creation of smartphones and portable consoles, the 2D projects are competing strategically very well  against many 3D games.  We are in an era where  the conceptual quality and the colors have greatly influence in the success of the project and we are always  looking to apply  those  elements  in our projects. 

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The Unique

A studio focused on digital entertainment, with an office located at the Technology Park, Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. We Develop 3D and 2D projects and as well provaid services in the elaboration of resources or an entire game for other companies. The team is formed by 3D Designers, Conceptual Artists, and Programmers. They all have the most advance knowledge in the modern softwares of the market.
Our goal is always to apply the unique concepts of qualities in the elaboration of games or services.

Phone - +55 71 3181-9902
Email: atendimento@unique.art.br